I Am Alive



Korea Aftermath

So I'm back from Korea, and ready to relax for the few days before school starts.

Unfortunately, school has already started to press itself into the back of my mind, mainly because the easiest (and one of the more interesting) classes of the semester that I signed up for was cancelled. The impending start of school also presses the need for a job/internship/anything that will prevent me from becoming a baeksoo (bum) after I graduate. But I digress and as always manage to keep these things in the farthest reaches of my mind where nobody (even me!) can easily access them.

In the interlude between Korea and law school, I have of course been logging heavy minutes into one and only one object: Atlantica Online.

Atlantica Online (AO):
server: Delphi
character: Lotse
guild: WatersGate

For some reason AO has captured my attention far longer than any other MMO. This weird hybrid of the Final Fantasy series (turn-based combat + random encounters) and a traditional free micro-transaction MMO keeps me enrapture most likely because it keeps me too busy to think of the whole game as a grind. Because I have to hold the reins on my 9 mercenaries (8 currently) and of a guild (the AO version of Water's Gate), I don't feel the overwhelming repetitiveness that I felt when playing WoW, WAR, etc.

Thus, that has been and will furthermore be what I will be doing for the few days before school starts...with an interview mixed in-between, but ya'll know how important those are ^__^


Google Ads

I checked my blog (it's been awhile) and the first thing I noticed was that one of the Google Ads was for...Scientology!...and I do love my Scientology (I really don't). Anyways, thank you Google Adsense for somehow linking me with Scientology.

The other ad was for the Korean dating site KoreanCupid...now I can understand that one ^_^.

And yes, Korea is fun and great and I love being here for "work"...but I'll be part-relieved/part-excited to be back in the States in a few more weeks.


July 4th

Also, happy Fourth of July!!! Or Independence Day!



It's been a while since I've updated here. Hmm...in the meantime I've been mostly bumming around playing healthy doses of Atlantica Online, Counterstrike 1.6, and Defense of the Ancients (WCIII), but I was also busy preparing for my Korea trip which entailed renewing my driver's license (now VA...and ugly), passport, and visa. Finally, I'm in Korea now, interning at the Constitutional Court and having a lot of good food and fun on the off hours.

I probably won't update so much while I'm here either, since I'll be busy doing...stuff ^__^

Oh well.